Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Estrogen Month - T Minus 2 Days

Friday's the day I add your choices of choice women bloggers to my blogroll! So far I only have two votes, one for Bitch Lab and one for Grace Davis, so unless others chime in those two will be added on Friday. Sorry I couldn't make this celebration as lively as last year's was, but I'm guessing readers out there may be suffering from Koufax voting burnout, intermittent Blogger outages, allergies and all the other maladies of the month. Here are the "rules" again; it's never too late to add your recommendations!

As long as I have some free time this evening (unlike during one of the more jam-packed workdays I've had in awhile) I wanted to acknowledge some cool feminist stuff taking place so I can close some windows:

• Ragnall has issued her second call for submissions to the 12th Carnival of Feminists. The deadline is Monday, April 3. She teases us with some Truly Awful Art, because I guess she couldn't deal with analyzing brilliant Neal Adams panels any more and wanted to rot her brain or something...

• You know that Stephanie McMillan cartoon that everyone's been reproing on their blogs? The one she's now selling the original of on eBay, all proceeds to go to Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and the Oglala Sioux tribe? You know, this one?:

Well, Nancy Goldstein decided to call Napoli and left a message for him at his home to please call her back with advice on whether to use bacon or chorizo in her paella recipe, and he returned her call! Read all about it here on RawStory.

In other news:

Susie's in the hospital with something that sounds very similar to what I went through last December. Get home as quickly as you can, Susie, and get well soon! I'm a phone call or email away if you need any advice.

• Deepest condolences to Echidne on the loss of her faithful canine companion Hank. Her remembrance is one of the most beautiful things I've read all year.

Pandagon is back up, and just last week Amanda celebrated two years of blogging. (Fafblog also celebrated its third blogiversary last week, but while I consider them the funniest bloggers around they tend not to focus on feminism so they merit a scant parenthetical in this link dump...)

• Hugo Schwyzer has a great thought piece on teaching and student crushes. This one really hit home for me; in college I had a major crush on my Spanish teacher, a nice Jewish guy four years older than me named Sandy Cohen who lived a few blocks away from my parents, dated my best friend and my roommate, invited small groups of students to his house where he played guitar and partied with us, but still kept his distance from me one-on-one to the point of even writing me a "dear jane"-type letter. I still have the letter in my files, but the only line I memorized from it was "You are looking for something you must find in yourself," because I swiped the line and used it in a song (I wrote lots of songs in those days). And he was right, in that I was (and it wasn't until I was happy with myself that I could really appreciate loving someone else), but he was wrong also, because you don't date my best friend and my roommate and snub me like that even if maybe I wasn't really dateworthy material at the time, because you've already shown you don't believe in a student/teacher boundary anyway and, well, it was just cruel. But boy, could that guy teach. He was on fire. I wonder what he's doing now, and if he's still pretentiouslly calling himself "Sandro."

• Lastly, there's an excellent post by Paula Brantner at Stand Up Blog on business meetings at strip clubs, about which I generally feel the same way I do about contributing writing to soft-core porn sites. I may like the people involved, I may even think they have very worthwhile and important things to say, but I won't go to a venue whose primary purpose is to devalue and objectify half the population. And I think it's very rude, almost barbaric, to conduct business in a place whose attitude towards my gender effectively eliminates my participation.