Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Silly Site o' the Day

I did a few things today I probably shouldn't have done, and expect I'll be paying for them tomorrow, but I took the day (as well as Monday) off in case I need recovery time. This afternoon was the firm's annual Barbecue on the Plaza outside our NY headquarters, and I walked more than I needed to and drank more than I should have (a glass of chardonnay AND a pina colada! I'm not what you'd call a big drinker) and partook of some food groups that I know aren't good for me. But I had a good time and am willing to accept the consequences! And I listened to my friend and former supervisor Kim tell me about her upcoming trip to Germany, which put me in mind of this fellow who really wants us to pronounce the names of German cars properly:

Via Laughing Squid.