Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Silly Sites o' the Day

White Rabbits, and happy April Fool's Day! Admittedly not the best day for me this year, as I must have sprained something badly during yesterday's packing and unpacking and I had an all-day pain right behind my clavicle, sort of equally distant from the neck and the chest. Never had pain there before, so it kind of freaked me out. No position was comfortable, so I couldn't really sleep it off. Just lots of ibuprofen and sitting about as still as I could. I used the occasion to binge-watch the third season of the brilliant Grace & Frankie whilst avoiding the Lying Internet. Still, it's the most sacred of silly days, so lets see what happened today online:

Here's CNN's roundup of what different companies did. Here's more from AdWeek. My firm usually does an April Fool's Day thing on our intranet, but as Saturday isn't a working day I'm not sure we commemorated 2017.

Australia's LifeHacker also has a nice comprehensive overview. And here are some tech pranks courtesy of BGR.

Meanwhile on Facebook, George Takei didn't run for office, the Beatles' sons are not going on tour, and here are some others. Hope you all had a happy AFD!