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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Silly Site o' the Day

One week to Election Day, and MoveOn.org has given us this brilliant "Back from the Future" video. Do stay until the end, the dialogue gets hilariously geeky:

Via io9. Remember, only you can save the future!

Oh, and speaking of voting, you can also help assure a bright future for Nancy Goldstein, who has made the final four in the Washington Post's "America's Next Great Pundit" contest. The last round of voting is currently scheduled to begin on Thursday. Nancy is married to comic book artist and editor (and my long-time friend) Joan Hilty, whose tenure at DC Comics ends on December 27, so this shot at greatness couldn't come at a better time. Besides which, most importantly, Nancy's a hell of a talented writer. More on Nancy's Facebook page.


wayne said...

Congrats, Elayne

You're on Memorandom:

Charlie Jane Anders / io9:
Olivia Wilde's desperate plea from the year 2050 — This is our new favorite dystopian political advertisement. It starts with a fake news report about The Situation marrying Pamela Anderson... but then Olivia Wilde breaks in, from the year 2050, to warn us what'll happen if we don't vote.
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Elayne said...

Coolness - and we hadn't even started a discussion here yet! :)