Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Weekend Pics

Not going to bore you too much with photos of the Station at Citigroup Center, because you can probably get a much better idea from the website. So I'll just upload a little movie:

Now here are some photos from Martha Thomases' wonderful annual Chanukah donut party which we attended on Sunday. As usual, just click on the photos to see larger-sized versions. These were all taken with my new Canon PowerShot.

Linda Gold shows off the holiday decor on her iPhone.

We arrived at exactly the same time as Friends of Lulu pres Val D'Orazio. Here's the Occasional Superheroine with ComicMixers Glenn Hauman and Mike Gold.

Yeah, I have a lot of photos of Mike Gold and Glenn, I tend to stake out a seat at a party and pretty much stay put. Here are the CM honchos greeting Mike Raub and Kai Connolly, who are responsible for the CM podcasts.

It seems as though you can't visit Martha's and not be drawn into learning how to knit, as Val discovers.

Robin took this one of me, Linda and Mike G, which apparently triggered a migraine, so we had to leave a bit early.

But not before the Bakers arrived. Here Martha talks to her movie reviewing partner Lillian, and Mike says hi to Kyle and the newest member of the Baker clan, Madeleine Grace.

Madeleine and Mommy (aka Liz Glass). I adore this one (and them!).