Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

For the Fembly

Today's update on Dad:

I had been missing what I consider a crucial bit of information, and it's probably my fault as I hadn't even thought to ask Mom. But I learned when talking to her this morning that Dad had been conscious and talking and everything after the accident. He and Mom were at the hospital getting their injuries seen to, and after a couple of hours he had a very bad headache, and it just so happened this particular hospital is like the trauma center not only for Nevada but for practically the whole frickin' southwestern US, so they just happened to be in the absolute best place for his condition, and the doctors put him under and have been in control of his situation all the way through.

Mom loves the nurses there too, which is saying a lot because she's a retired nurse who worked in hospitals for years and is very discerning about the quality of care. At this point it's still a waiting game, they'll bring Dad out of sedation either tomorrow or Friday, but it helps a lot to know he was conscious and moving about just fine (relatively) before they put him under and operated. I'll call my brothers later today and talk to Mom again tomorrow morning.

Oh, and for the curious, the bastard who plowed into their car did not get away, as his vehicle was pretty crunched up and undriveable as well (and his insurance is responsible for all my parents' car and medical bills). I know it's just a by-the-way, but the lizard-brain part of me (that's the part I inherited from Dad) wanted to make sure that justice was done.

Now that the first full day of spring is here, I can honestly say that, despite the record warmth, this past winter really sucked for me, and I'm glad to see the end of it.