Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Estrogen Month - Day 1

Welcome to Estrogen Month: Pop Culture Edition -- your chance to vote (in the comments section) for the female bloggers who you believe deserve a wider readership and more linkage (which in turn translates into a higher profile, which perpetuates even more readers), and incidentally whom I should add to my sidebar blogroll. Here are the basic rules:

• First, please peruse the fine blogs listed on my left-hand sidebar to make sure you aren't voting for someone who's already there. Women-run blogs can be found in the following sections: under News+Views, both the Liberal Coalition and Da Gals; Dynamic Duos (I think each of those has one woman involved); Da Groups; and especially the first three groupings under Kultcha, which is where I'll be adding the new gals this month. Because many bloggers (like me) write about politics as well as pop culture, my links may not all be in the Kultcha section, so do check them all out if you can.

• Then go to my Bloglines subscriptions, specifically to the two "Where the Women Bloggers Are" sections. Peruse the blogs there to see which ones you love that you can't believe I haven't added to my sidebar yet.

• Come back here and, in the comments to this and future posts on the subject, vote for the blog(s) you want to see on my sidebar and on other people's blogrolls. If you like, elaborate on why you think they should be more widely read. If you have time, please articulate what draws you to their blogs, what makes them stand out for you, why everyone should sit up and take notice of them and increase their traffic and visibility and popularity rankings. [If there's a blog you don't see either on my sidebar nor in my Bloglines sections, please tell me about it in the comments so it can be added in for consideration.]

• Based on your comments, this coming Sunday I'll choose which blog(s) to add, then we can start the nominations again next week.

I'll go first, starting at the top of the alphabet, with gals who are on my Bloglines reading list but not yet on my blogroll. (It happens sometimes, I give blogs a sort of "trial period" and then for whatever reason don't add them to my front page until, for instance, Estrogen Month.) For your consideration today: Andrea Rubinstein, aka Tekanji, posting on what she calls the Official Shrub.com blog. Two good recent posts: Who gets to decide when women are oppressed? and Covers that make me say, "I want to play that!" about computer game packaging (but it could just as easily apply to, say, comic book covers). Andrea brings a terrific and empassioned perspective to an area of pop culture with which I'm not that familiar but which has so many similarities to ones in which I've been involved that I come away with new insights every time I read her.

Tell your friends and readers, Estrogen Month: Pop Culture Edition has now begun!