Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Silly Site o' the Day

Robin's at the airport as I type, waiting for his flight to England to attend his father's funeral, catch up with his college friends and do a final tour around some well-remembered places from the first few decades of his life. One minute after he left, the dishes were done. Two minutes after he left, full-blown panic set in, which is ridiculous because I'm a grown-ass woman who's lived on her own at various periods of life and I'm fine and he's fine. Then I spoke with my old friend Jill (late of Brilliant at Breakfast) for awhile, at her invitation to "talk me off the ledge," then Robin called from the airport, and now I just feel silly. So here's to silly me, with the TV on just a little too loudly in the next room, only half-watching the Super Bowl and trying to pay attention to the ads -- two creepy denying-women-agency ones from Doritos and I don't remember the other sponsor but it featured Kevin Hart, a cute Prius one, one with the Hulk and Ant-Man that I described to Robin over the phone as it was playing, and a whole mess of ads for movies that won't be out for months. Seriously. For months. And formulaic as all get-out. I mean, here you go, a movie plot generator (via Laughing Squid), see what I mean? Now to take a few deep breaths, remind myself that my neighbors still live in this house so I'm not really alone, and try to stay up late enough to catch Colbert's live show...