Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Monday, December 29, 2014

Silly Site o' the Day

At last, the end of this miserable lurgy is somewhat in sight. The worst part has been the brain fog, which finally appears to be lifting, leaving only the lingering chest congestion. Today I cleaned out the closet in the third bedroom, currently used for the cat box and our tens of thousands of comics (which organization/purging will have to wait for another year), as well as for storage of suitcases, overnight bags and canvas totes. It was the totes I was after, for transferring the contents currently in plastic bags in the second bedroom (aka computer room) so that we can clean that closet once Robin's up to helping; that closet and the kitchen will be the last things reorganized and purged of things we no longer need or use. Found some cool old things that I never realized was in some of the stored bags, like a bag of tiny perfume bottles from back when I used to use the stuff. And I took down the purged t-shirts and linens to the car for charity drop-off; looks like the landlord had hauled away the overflow trash but the bins are still full, so I'm in no hurry to proceed further until I have room to throw other things away. Tomorrow we grocery shop, now that we're pretty sure we can do it without completely relapsing afterwards. Tonight we plan to rewatch Singing in the Rain, because we keep quoting lines to each other and want to get it out of our system. I do fear earworms, so just for Robin here are some misheard song lyrics to keep those at bay:

Via Laughing Squid.