Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Independently Silly

July the Fourth be with you! Here's how Robin and I chose to commemorate our country whooping his country's ass with help from lots of other folks like the French and whatnot (the Whatnot tribe having long since gone the way of blackface in your average Jimmy Cagney musicale number):

Lots of people have that comic book back cover (Captain America's Bicentennial Battles) up on their Facebook pages today, but I like the fact that we have the actual book. I love the touch of the British flag slumping under the 1776 DVD (which I'm just starting to watch). And this was my American lunch:

Not as all-American as you'd think at first, as the hot dogs and hamburgers, despite having the only proper toppings on each, are both meatless (and the ketchup on the burgers is zero-calorie). The burgers were great, Morningstar Farms makes them wonderfully, but not so much the hot dogs. I could only finish about one and a half before begging Robin for one of his Nathan's franks. Even better, Robin found me the perfect silly site for today, as Fry and Laurie get back at this country just a bit:

Of course, we could be said to have the last laugh, having supplied Laurie with a fine salary during his House arrest (or wait, isn't that him taking us again?)...