Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Holiday Table 2009

Robin put all our live action, musical and animated versions of A Christmas Carol on two commercial-free DVDs, and we spent this cold afternoon watching the animated portion. The one I liked the best will be posted here on Friday. I'm saving the live-action non-musical versions (we currently have 10 of those stretching across the 20th century) to watch chronologically over Thursday night into Friday, then probably listening to a few readings of the original over the weekend whilst ironing.

But first, this morning I secured the postage for our cards (a half-hour queue at my local post office, even though I arrived right after it opened) and ran other errands, thinking to myself how much our holiday table needed filling out. So I brought home some stuff, laid it out, lit our holiday candles, and here's the result:

Looks a lot cheerier now. I love the gingerbread figure with the earmuffs!

Oh, and to get everyone else in the right mood, here's my Wholly Trinity of blog posts from years past ("long past?" no, my blog's past!):
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probably needs some updating)

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Enjoy, all!