Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Comments Changing

I found out via another blog that Haloscan, the commenting service I've used since like forever, is "upgrading" to a pay-only format and the free service will go away in a week. As I've never spent a single cent to blog and don't intend to start now, I've just enabled Blogger's own comment feature. It breaks my heart that I may no longer have access to old comments from folks who are no longer with us like Leah and my Dad, but that's the 'net for you, we knew it was ephemeral when we signed on. So excuse me whilst I test things out... Okay, it seems that Blogger comments don't work as long as Haloscan is still around, so we'll see what happens a week from today. Update: Thanks to Laura we're ported over now from Haloscan to Blogger's own comment mechanism, and even, though you'll no longer see any old Haloscan-based comments on the blog, I have them saved into a personal archive so I don't lose the memories.


Elayne said...

Thanks again, Laura!