Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Estrogen Month - Day 29

Ah, it's a jungle out there (my work day? don't ask. got a job opening for a damn good executive assistant?) but I get to come home to my wonderful artist-boy and to Estrogen Month, where it's home stretch time!

All during March, Women's History Month, we've been making history of our own, answering the oft-asked "Where are all the women bloggers?" question by giving our favorite women bloggers shout-outs and voting for the ones in my Bloglines Gals in Waiting sections and just generally having fun. Here are the "rules," such as they are.

Nothing really new to add, given my day (see the not-all-that-mysterious parenthetical above), but I will be adding at least three more women to my blogroll by Thursday, the culmination of Estrogen/Women in Blogging Month. I'd do it one at a time but all three are tied for the most votes so far so it wouldn't be fair to add one and not the others.

As for what's up in the female section of the political blogosphere, not terribly much. Others are probably petering out on these meta-conversations as much as I am, and frankly when you have stuff going on in The Real World like pharmacists not losing their licenses over refusing to do their jobs (and bravo Jeanne, well said), I think we all agree that there are more important things to worry about. Still, as the women bloggers question is symptomatic of our invisibility in many walks of life, both political and cultural, it still deserves notice.

Astarte has another good post, this one about women's acceptance (or lack thereof) in the videogame industry, which I suspect would need very little revision if the discussion were about women's acceptance in the comics industry.

Pseudo-Adrienne does half-assed better than most of us do full-assed. Or something like that. Trish also subverted the dominant yadda yadda by listing me among a bunch of wonderful women bloggers. Considering how despised I feel at work, all these good vibes y'all are sending my way constitute a very needed counterbalance!

Lastly, via Elisa Camahort at Worker Bees Blog, a satirical video site called Better Bad News takes on the big debate. I wish this were the 31st; as far as I'm concerned this is the segment to end all segments regarding the "women bloggers controversy." Screamingly funny, if a bit inside-baseball in places.

That's all I can find at the moment, but Blogger's been, well, kinda bloggered on and off today. Please keep voting for your favorite Gals in Waiting in the comments section below...