Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Friday, March 09, 2007

The Squid Rides Again!

Whee, today is PZ Myers' 50th birthday! Let's put on our party hats!

Hey, how'd that get there?

Pictures swiped from here and here. I don't know that anyone could really do Suicide Squid justice -- well, except perhaps in a somewhat lame Myers-mandated poem, of course. Or in my case, song parody.

The Ballad of Suicide Squid
with apologies to Billy Joel

From the days of the rec.arts.comics newsgroups
Came a cephalopod who used to be a kid
And his boring life of ease
Underneath the seven seas
Earned him the name of Suicide Squid

Well, he put his tentacle inside a toaster
But forgot he couldn't plug the darned thing in
He tried maiming, he tried knives
It seemed he had too many lives
And he thought suicide was a sin

Well his attitude was heavy, so he always swam alone
And his sulks put many other squid to shame
And they say that he was friendless, but I think he had a clone
It's a comic book thing, they just change the name

From a town up in coldest Minnesota
Came a man with a penchant for the squid
And some other cephalopod
Though you think that may be odd
That's just the kind of thing Doc Myers did...

Well, that's quite enough of that. Happy number 50, PZ. I'm right behind you, by about 9 months...