Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Estrogen Month - Day 3

One of the reasons this year's Estrogen Month celebration is the Pop Culture Edition besides the obvious (my work with ComicMix, my dedication to the memory of Leah) is that I'm constantly blown away by how much interesting stuff is out there, how many women are writing so eloquently and energetically about feminism and fun-fan stuff. As y'all probably know, one of my favorite young feminists in this group is Lisa Fortuner, aka Ragnell, who not only has her own fine blog but also posts at the Newsarama group blog and is the founder of the Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans, one of the best places to find new (and old) voices talking about these subjects we all love and women's place in them!

For the uninitiated: A carnival is a collection of "best of" links in a particular area of interest, published regularly on a blog, usually on a rotating basis. Sometimes carnivals have a unifying theme, sometimes not. The most recent Feminist SF/F carnival, #11, is now up at Lisa Jonte's blog But Can She Spin?, and I've added Lisa to my Bloglines subs but not yet to my sidebar, as I hope that'll be your call in the comments section. (Estrogen Month participation guidelines are here.)

But what I really wanted to announce is that, as Lisa had been looking for someone to host carnival #12, and I'd been looking for something with which to crown Estrogen Month and bring more pop-culture feminists together for the month-long celebration here, we corresponded and agreed that Pen-Elayne on the Web will be hosting the Twelfth Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans on Saturday, March 31.

(I would have made it Saturday, March 24, in honor of my Mom's birthday, but I'll be at I-CON that day, seeing if I can talk up the Carnival some more among other things.)

Here are the Guidelines for submission to this carnival. Please send me your links via email or use this submission form rather than posting any links in this comments section. Even if you're nominating someone else's post for inclusion, I'd rather have it all in one place for easy organization.

Hmm, do we have a secret theme ingredient for this Twelfth-Night episode of Iron Pop-Culture Feminists? One in keeping with Women's History Month? What do you think? For now I'll throw that question open for your responses in the comments section. I was mulling a menu like "Feminism and Pop Culture: Past, Present and Future" which is smorgasbordy enough to encompass practically anything, so I'm more than open to your suggestions.

I plan to repeat this Call for Submissions at the end of every Estrogen Month post I make until we're full to bursting with tasty entrées... er, I mean, entries. (I think you can see how the Chair is planning to host this Iron Carnival, can't you?) And don't forget to check out Carnival #11 at Lisa's place, as well as her other posts; I know I will!