Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Painting the Roses Red

The owner of the Trump tower being erected next to our office building didn't like the color of part of the facade, so the workers are currently repainting it. I thought the pinkish tone was quite nice, but they didn't make it for me.

• Okay, all that stuff I was saying about how I have no interest in watching Heroes? If the news Keith passed on is genuine, I may have to rethink my stance.

• I am also doing a happy dance at Heidi's news that Nexus will be returning.

Susie rules! But I'm sure you knew that.

• Congrats to "Radical" Russ Belville, America's next great progressive talk star!

• Aaaaaaa! Galactus is coming, warns Graeme, in a very sick Stan Lee-Jack Chick mashup!

• What a clever idea (via BoingBoing), if you have the bucks and the free time - buying souvenirs of places around the world, going to those places, holding the souvenir at the exact angle in front of the real thing to duplicate its relative size, then photographing it all for an upcoming book. I want Michael Hughes' disposable income!

• Same as it ever was: Norman Soloman at HuffPo notes the NY Times is still pushing for continued war in Iraq, and Digby observes that, sadly, the Clinton Rules are back in effect among the mainstream media punditry. I was wondering why the majority leader horserace and James Carville's opinion of today's birthday boy Howard Dean were reported as being of any major interest outside the Beltway, and after reading Digby it all clicked, as the last time I asked "why are you media folks making mountains of out molehills-- no, anthills?" was the late '90s when, as we all recall, the Republican-led smear-Democrats'-power-into-ineffectiveness machine was last in full effect.

• I wish I had enough hours in the day to talk about how much I love Amanda and Melissa. They both observe things and write about them with the same energy I used to have in my INSIDE JOKE days, back before I let my soul be crushed by life circumstances about which everyone wishes I'd just stop whining. Check these out from Amandapanda: the skewering of a true believer who pities the poor atheists, why wearing pink ribbons is not enough, and why making street signs gender-inclusive does too matter (the last is piggybacking off one of Melissa's). (More about why the "little things" matter in my Women Comics Panel report tomorrow.) Oh yeah, and another visit with the Strawfeminist who's purported to say things that real feminists have never actually said. inda like every time Bush goes, "Some people say..." and you're there thinking, "Really? Name one!" For her part, Melissa has done her first podcast and reminisces about everything and the kitchen sink.

• Okay, I confess, I'm not as upset as others are, including The Truffle, over Bush père's remarks concerning the internet. Like I said to Her Truffliciousness, I actually agree with Poppy. I think the 'net has really upped the rudeness of discourse and given nutbars (particularly on the right) far more attention than they would have received in erstwhile times, when one actually had to have a bit of money and dedication to self-publish one's rantings. And "our side" isn't immune to coarse and inflammatory discussion either, particularly when mocking "their side." Sometimes I feel like reading through portions of my blogroll is like being a spectator at a giant pissing contest, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Sorry to leave you with that image, but it's time to catch up on more blog-reading that I didn't get to do last night when I was out. The workers have now finished one large square of the facade, and I'm looking out on a dullish tan instead of a cheerful peachy-pink. So it goes.