Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Maintenance Notes

Apparently the Atom feed has gone wonky, so there are a ton of blogs whose site feeds I can't read at the moment. (I'm inclined to point the finger at Blogger rather than Bloglines, but it's hardly worth it as these things tend to fix themselves in fairly short order.) (Update: It appears to have been a Blogspot problem, and Blogger has apologized for the "downtown," which has in turn caused the Petula Clark song to insert itself into my brain for at least the next couple hours.) If you have a site feed reader you may want to bookmark my alternate feed that someone set up for me via LiveJournal a long time ago, as posts are getting through on that one.

I bid a somewhat tearful goodbye to Rana, who's burnt out after three years of blogging. I always liked her writing, it was like a gentle oasis in the relentless desert of high-pitched and high-anxiety political stuff that constitutes so much of my blogroll.

By the way, I'm not looking to add anyone new to said blogroll at the moment, which I'm sure you'll understand if you glance at my sidebar (every month it gets longer anyway, as another line gets added to our archives), but if you've blogrolled me and I haven't returned the favor please let me know. There's no way for me to tell whose blogrolls I'm on because I read all blogs via their site feeds using the aforementioned Bloglines, so I don't actually peruse most blogs directly.

Update: Oh, and one more thing I forgot. If you're considering emailing me to inquire about a link exchange, please do me a favor and actually peruse enough of my blog before making your request to see the sidebar button indicating that this is a no-ads blog, which means I will not link to any for-profit businesses that aren't run by personal friends. So you can, you know, save yourself the time.