Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Finger on the Pulse

Now you see, if Air America hadn't let Marc Maron go from its morning show, maybe I'd still be listening to them. As it is I've gone totally FM anyway except if I'm out and about during baseball games. And since I've chosen to listen to music in the mornings and never looked back, I haven't evening been tuning into The Goddess Randi Rhodes in the PMs - just too many good drive-time playlists, I guess. So am I like the last progressive in the country to know that Air America is no longer on WLIB but in fact moved to WWRL (yeah, I've never heard of it either) a couple weeks ago? The only way I found out was by flipping to AM this morning when all the FM stations to which I listen simultaneously run ads (or promos in the case of the NPR station), usually around 8:16 AM or so. And more often than not Air America would be in mid-commercial as well. But this time there was actually music, which I thought was ironic. Until the end of the song when DJ self-promoted LIB as the "praise and inspiration station" and I'm like, sweet Jesus! what happened? So there you are, yet another liberal blogger with her finger on the pulse of the progressive media. I'd be curious as to whether the Young Turks could bring me back to the station, but - and I hate to admit this but it's true - I kind of glaze over Cenk Uygur's posts on Huffington so if he didn't grab me in a venue to which I actually pay attention I don't hold out much hope for repositioning my radio dial.