Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Good Balms for Bad Bombs

I've just received the following press release from Clifford Meth:



Top names in comics & SF join forces to aid Israeli children

Prestige anthology from Mahrwood Press directly benefits children affected by bombing in northern Israel.

Tampa, Florida, August 13, 2006

American-Israeli Publisher Mahrwood Press Ltd. has announced a special project to benefit children suffering disruption and more due to the situation in northern Israel.

BALM IN GILEAD will be a prestige anthology featuring the top names in comics and genre literature. All proceeds go directly toward feeding, clothing and housing children.

BALM IN GILEAD combines the efforts of Jon Bogdanove, Dave Cockrum, Jack Dann, Peter David, Harvey Jacobs, Jeffrey Jones, Joe Kubert, Stan Lee, William Messner-Loebs, Michael Netzer, Robin Riggs, Joe Rubinstein, and Len Wein. Additional creators will be announced in weeks to come. The anthology will be edited by Clifford Meth.

"We wanted to do something for the kids to give them some joy in a difficult time," stated Eric Mahr, Publisher and President of Mahrwood Press. "We are pleased and proud that some of the most respected people in comics and literature have stepped forward to join this project. Balm in Gilead will provide desperately needed help to children in northern Israel and the book itself will be something that Jews, Muslims, Christians will enjoy."

About Mahrwood Press

Mahrwood Press Ltd. founded in 2004, is a privately held company with offices in Jerusalem, Israel and Tampa, Florida. The company publishes visual publications and prose literature for the English, Hebrew, Spanish and French languages. For more information please visit Marhwood Press' website.


If any writers and artists are interested in participating, please contact Cliff directly.

Now, I need to state here that I've been ambivalent about contributing to this project, and not just for the reasons I've already discussed as to why I'm not currently writing any stories. I've been struggling with the idea of helping only one side in a conflict that's cost far more lives, homes, etc. to the other side. Yes, there are innocents in both Israel and Lebanon who have been torn apart here, but all indications are that the Lebanese losses have outnumbered the Israeli ones by a magnitude of at least ten. And I don't see any similar venture being planned for the victims who seem to need it far more. Cliff replied that I should "let folks know that I personally would be delighted to contribute to or in any way aid a similar project in Lebanon. Or Iraq. Or Saturn." Despite that dismissive-sounding punchline, I know he's serious about this. A suddenly-displaced person in Marin County may have infinitely more resources than someone in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans, but that doesn't mean we should withhold compassion for the Californian, just that we should endeavor to help both as best we can. After all, there but for the grace of god go we. So please, if you know of any Lebanese-based charities that would be interested in a balm of their own, let Cliff know!