Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Hello From England!

Wow, Desi and Wayne appear to be doing a fantastic job holding down the fort; thanks so much, folks, and keep up the great work!

Robin and I had a hectic but overall lovely time in Bristol this past weekend (and I cannot recommend Continental's direct flight from Newark to Bristol enough, at least the one we took - I can't remember when I've been on a smoother ride or experienced less turbulence, and the flight was empty enough that Rob and I were able to stretch out, as was Geoff Johns on the other side of our row, but more about that upon my return to the states), and even the 4-hour train journey from Bristol to Lewes was pleasant - the trip was broken up just enough for us to stretch our legs between, er, legs; the transfer stations all had lifts or escalators, so moving about with all our luggage was fairly easy; and the trains themselves are much newer than I remember from even five years ago when I was last here!

Rob and his Dad are in the living room now, comparing their electronic toys (it's pretty clear where Rob gets it from), and I'm settled in nicely on Dad's spiffy Mac but I shan't be on too long, I suspect, as he only has dial-up. Now that we're settled in for the next few days, I hope to at least get caught up reading this blog, which Dad had bookmarked, and perhaps make a tiny bit of headway in my email and Bloglines reading. Tonight we make calls to local friends to sort out plans for London and possibly Brighton, although my mobility seems to be much more limited than I'd hoped (debilitating backache whenever I walk any appreciable distance outdoors, that sort of thing). Mostly we're going to take it easy and just visit.

Oh, and Wayne, you can ignore the panicked email I sent you yesterday about me not being able to get on Blogger. It works better when I remember my proper login name...