Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Friday, October 14, 2005

I Am A... Camera?

Another Google-your-name time-waster for you, courtesy of Karen - "[your name] is a..." Here's what the first page of results looks like for me:

Elayne is a very talented writer whose talent is evident in the chapter.

Elayne is a fourteenth-century dreamy teenaged girl living with her sister Cara and casting love hexes on a young man that catches her.

Elayne is a young woman betrayed, with a future arranged by others.

Elayne is a simple, happy Christian girl, who had a tendency towards spells and magic.

Elayne is a seasoned veteran in embroidery and apparel.

Elayne is a solid and fun writer who covers a range of topics, so informative that Tom Tomorrow has already linked to HER blog once at HIS blog! (This one actually is about me!)

Elayne is a great guest and valuable resource — knowledgeable and lively.

Elayne is a Senior Lecturer in Business Information Management at the Westminster Business School, University of Westminster.

Elayne is a member of the Associated Women in the Arts, Louisiana Art and Artist's Guild, and the Gonzales Art Guild.

Elayne is a gem and we will always be very grateful to her for finding our house in Provence.

I kinda like 'em all; even the Christian-magic one made me giggle.