Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Quote of the Day

From Shakespeare's Sister:
While I should be surprised by the blatant and galling hypocrisy of a man who repeatedly rapes his wife sitting on a panel arguing against a drug that may bring peace of mind to rape victims, I am so jaded by the nonstop parade of conservative fuckheads who want to roll back the rights of women and gays as punishment for their "deviant" behavior (such as having the unmitigated temerity to fuck someone without the express purpose of making a baby), but end up being revealed as perverted in ways of which most people wouldn’t ever begin to dream, that I can barely muster shock, no less outrage.
Someone with a stronger stomach for hypocrisy and deviance than me ought to make a list of all the right-wing moralists, from Jim Bakker on down, who practice the very opposite of what they preach. I find myself in complete agreement with everyone who's observing that the reason these "family values" cretins seem so overly concerned about regulating other people's personal behavior is that the skeletons in their own closets are far worse than anything they accuse others of engaging in. It's almost a classic misdirection tactic (and we know how well accusing the other side of doing something when you yourself are guilty of far worse - i.e., the Karl Rove strategy - works in politics).

Update: Digby has a great quote too:

To think that we impeached a president over a couple of half baked blowjobs in a hallway --- and listened to years and years of non-stop moralizing from these Republican perverts. I'm a pretty sophisticated person and I don't usually pass judgements on people's fantasy lives or their sexuality. But the Christian Right with their wild shedding of the most shocking of sexual taboos are starting to freak me out. And I'm from California.