Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Every Breath You Take

Well, our T1 is back, so I actually get to post and read today! Maybe it went because they were installing RFID chips or something. I know I'm getting paranoid again, but after reading this analysis of REAL ID by Bruce Schneier I'm surprised we're not all more concerned. Now corporations are getting into the act. You know, those entities that legally want to be treated like persons, but in practice don't answer to anyone or have any oversight or regulation? Alex Greenwood at Sooner Thought lifts an article from the Kansas City Star detailing how Sprint (along with IBM, Microsoft, and a host of the usual suspects) plans to help businesses track their employees. Dig the happy talk: "In what could become a boon for business and employee productivity and a bust for personal errands and secret trysts, wireless phones are on the cusp of becoming tools that can let our employers keep track of us." Yay! A bust for our personal lives! We're sure to be more productive if we know we're being watched like hawks every second of our lives, even during our off-hours! It's no wonder Trish Wilson and others fell for an apparent hoax involving "a Japanese company [that] has created a set of panties... that have a tracking device in them. The tracking device is in the little flower embedded in the panties. That way, they can monitor their wives or girlfriend's activities" and, you know, stalk them. It's a damn professional-looking website, though, I'd never have had a clue that this wasn't real. Although you can almost see the satire when you look at the testimonials page, and of course the contest confirms it (the site is currently in 9th place).