Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Down from Canada, Up from Washington

Had a couple job-search things to take care of this morning, and of course there were the Elvi:

Just clustering, a whole Graceland of Elvi (thanks to Cat for that collective noun), hanging about at 37th and 7th:

Based on the design on the back of their jackets, I'm assuming they were doing some sort of stunt or other for CBS. Sometimes I really miss working in Manhattan.

Then I walked down to Penn Station to meet Cat, visiting from Vancouver via Washington DC, and what should I happen to see on a giant billboard on the southeast corner of 7th and 34th (aka "Tourneau Corner")?

Yes, an ad for a place called Nick Danger Dot Com. Given who I was meeting, I took it as, quite literally, a sign. So we're on Firesign chat now, and I can't wait to ask the other folks if this is something over which the 4or5 can sue...

Oh, and we just happened to run into Keith on the bus going up to our house. What are the odds? I really should have gone to that $5.55 car wash on today, 05/05/05...