Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

March is Estrogen Month!

Welcome to Week #1 of Women in Blogging Month, Pen-Elayne readers' chance to vote on the female bloggers that you believe deserve a wider readership and more linkage (which in turn translates into a higher profile, which perpetuates even more readers). Here's how I'd like it to work:

* Go to my Bloglines subscriptions.

* Open the folder right up on top, that reads "Gals in Waiting."

* Peruse the blogs in the section. [If you're not familiar with how Bloglines works, what happens is you see the list of blogs on the left frame, and if you click on a blog you'll see x-number of recent posts from that blog in the right frame. You can also adjust how far back viewable posts can go using the pulldown tab on the bottom of that frame.] As I've mentioned in the past, the blogs with asterisks ahead of them are the primary ones I'm considering adding to my sidebar and regular reading at present.

* Come back here and, in the comments to this and future posts on the subject, vote for the blog(s) you want to see on my sidebar and on other people's blogrolls. If you like, elaborate on why you think they should be more widely read.

* If there's a blog you don't see in that, and that isn't on my sidebar either, please tell me about it in the comments and I'll add it in for consideration. [Bear in mind that I've also put some female-run group blogs in my "Groups in Waiting" section.]

* At the end of the week, based on your votes, I'll choose which blog(s) to add, then we can start the contest again next week.

The catch? Your vote has to be for someone who's either on your blogroll or, well, who's you. I won't entertain suggestions from people who don't put their money where their mouth is, so to speak. The idea I envisage is to obtain broader support for these women's work from the lefty-political blogosphere in general, not just from me. Let's challenge everyone to raise their awareness of, and linkage to, the many fine women-run blogs out there!

In fact, if you're a male blogger, why not take the Pen-Elayne Pledge publicly on your blog that you'll add to your visible blogroll at least one female blogger per week this month, whether or not the bloggers you add are the same ones I do? Be sure to post about whom you add as well, and I'll mention your participation here.

The voting is now open in the comment section below this post!

Update #1: Okay, no comments yet, and it's been suggested that my Bloglines GIW section might be too intimidating for y'all to look through. Therefore, I'll list below the first ten names (alphabetically by name, with the blog name in parentheses) currently in that section for your convenience, then tomorrow (time permitting) I'll list the next ten and so on.

Abigail (Abigail's Magic Garden)

Aine (Silent Lucidity)

Aurora (A Wicked Muse)

Ayn Clouter


Diane (DED Space)

Ellen Dana Nagler (The Broad View)

Ilyka Damen

Jane (Prairie Angel)

Jean Dudley (Jean's Voice)

There, that should be enough to get y'all started!

Update #2: Some great responses; thanks folks! But I see I should have mentioned two things. First, it's not necessary to vote your blog onto my sidebar blogroll if you're already there, so you may wish to do a name check on yourself first. Likewise, people who keep recommending to me blogs to which I already link, please check out my sidebar first! You'll want to look in five sections: Liberal Coalition (I think there's a half dozen there), News+Views Gals, Kultcha Gals, Dynamic Duos and Group Blogs. Also, because I read everything via Bloglines, please don't vote for people who don't have a working RSS feed (like Mrs. Roboto). In either case, however, if you have a female-led blog to plug feel free to do so anyway, for the sake of others perusing these comments sections!