Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Estrogen Month - Day Three

[Day One post here.]

[Day Two post here.]

So great to see so many women participating in this celebration of women bloggers - now we need to bring more men to the party! Come on, guys (especially you higher-profile ones), take the Pen-Elayne Pledge on your blogs! Post a promise to add one new-to-you female blogger each week in March; help raise both the male liberal-left blogosphere's consciousness and the female liberal-left blogosphere's popularity rankings! The Heretik has already taken the Pledge in our comments section: "Please tell all your readers I am looking to add many new voices and old souls to the More Than Three Wise Women section of my blogroll... I haven't had a lot of time to check out all your stuff yet, but the ripples in the blogosphere tell me it's something I will have to do more of." Way to go, Heretik! Okay, enough asterisks for now! Here's the drill once again (after which I'll just refer to past posts so y'al don't get sick of hearing it):

Check out that sidebar to the left. (Yeah, if you read via RSS feed like I do you'll have to actually click on my blog to see the sidebar; sorry about that.) See all those gals listed? All those resources towards the bottom like the feminist webrings and lists of Women Bloggers and What She Said (happy birthday, Morgaine!) and collectives like Blogsisters? Women in Blogging Month isn't just about me wanting to add to that sidebar, it's about you wanting to add to yours, so check out those lists and webrings and the 100 or so women on the rest of that blogroll and tuck in!

Next, if you're not too exhausted, check out the Gals in Waiting section atop my Bloglines subscription list, which currently serves as both my public placeholder for blogs I may eventually move to my sidebar (and regular reading routine) and a tally of our current vote standings. At the moment, three blogs have 4 votes each, one blog has 3, and four blogs stand with 2 thumbs-up each. Won't list 'em yet, maybe I'll do that tomorrow. But as I did the last couple days, I will continue with the alphabetical listing of asterisked blogs below, starting with the letter "M":


MizM (Left at the Altar)

Ms. B (volsunga)

Ms. Jared (Worshipping at the Altar of Mediocrity)

Owukori (Black Looks)

Sheelzebub (Pinko Feminist Hellcat)

Pseudo-Adrienne's Liberal-Feminist Bias

Rachel Luxemburg (Fiat Lux)

Rebecca MacKinnon (RConversation)

Riggsveda (It's My Country, Too)

And remember, after you've checked out Gals in Waiting, you can cast your vote for any blogs in that section, even the ones that aren't asterisked, and tell us all why you like those blogs so that others will be encouraged to check them out as well. On Sunday I'll add the first new-to-me blogs to my sidebar based on your votes and talk about why I like them.

Voting continues in the comments section below!