Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Cat-and-Cooking Blogging

Heavens no, not the cooking of cats, or even with cats. Just the set table for our Christmas dinner, with the cats hungrily and eagerly awaiting tidbits even though they'd been fed not more than half an hour earlier:

In the foreground, Datsa is pretty damn sure he smells turkey. And ham. And chestnut stuffing on the other side of the ham, with the gravy next to the cranberry sauce/mandarin orange mix. In back of which is the spinach soufflé (the Stouffer's microwaveable variety) and the mashed potato/turnip mixture. The light and heat from the three candles was enough to keep them at bay. In the far background Amy looks toward the Christmas puds, apple cider and egg nog and reassures us she'll have none of that.

Here's my plate:

Clockwise from the bottom right: turkey with gravy, ham, mashed potato/turnip mixture, chestnut stuffing with more gravy, cranberry sauce with mandarin oranges, and spinach soufflé in the middle. Christmas pud not pictured.