Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Liberal Coalition Blogaround - Da Gals

Caught up with just about all of my blogroll yesterday, including all my Blogs in Waiting, so I decided to stay with variations on this weekend's theme and save for last those Liberal Coalition blogs run (or participated in) by women. There are about a dozen of us in TLC, and it's a lot easier to concentrate on the 10 or so women who've posted stuff this past week than to do an exhausting blogaround for everyone. :) So let's see what we're all blogging about:

  • Trish Wilson (currently at WorldCon) notes how the movie A Beautiful Mind served as an ad for Big Pharma even though John Nash weaned himself off all medication prior to his recovery from schizophrenia, stays with the medical theme by taking a look at some junk science of the past and present, and revisits the "women bloggers" debate thingy once more. Remember, Trish is the one who first noted, "This discussion comes up approximately every three months." So look for it to resurface again 'round about late November or early December. By which time one hopes at least a few of the men with mostly-male blogrolls will have evened things out a bit (as I said yesterday, I'm up to about 115+ actively-posting, politically-involved Gals, what's their excuse?).
  • Rivka at Respectful of Otters is at WorldCon as well; wonder if she and Trish are partying together? I'm still trying to forget my last WorldCon, Chicago of never-mind-which-year... Oh, and by the way, she's got one on the way, so congrats to Rivka and her Significant Otter!!
  • Natalie Davis recommends tonight's 60 minutes interview with Ben Barnes and the Guardian article about the Allisons, all folks involved in getting George W. Bush a cushy National Guard "Champagne Unit" spot, then an even cushier job working on an Alabama Senate campaign. She also reports on how obsessive (and excessive) secrecy is contributing to our loss in the war on terrorism, and on the Anglican Church's possible shunning of the American Episcopal Church.
  • Moi at bloggg has gone crabbing, but before she left she passed along the story (which she witnessed first-hand) of a woman arrested for registering voters. Where does she think she is, America? Also, name that Bichon Frise!
  • Maru Soze at WTF Is It Now? still hasn't bumped down her header so it's readable again, but maybe that's on purpose. When it comes to the mind of Maru, no one is ever sure! I mean, that revolving moon picture? I'm hypnotized. Maru's psyched for Kitty Kelley's upcoming Bush tell-all, she passes along a very funny quote from Ron Reagan, and of course has fun with RepubliCon in her own unique way. Scroll down through the posts, it's all good.
  • Jude Camwell at Iddybud reports on the Top 10 Censored Stories of 2004 (so far), eloquently expresses her shock and sympathy with the collective sorrow in Russia, questions the AP story about a hand-picked audience booing at a Bush mention of Clinton's hospitalization (personally I'm most inclined to go with Josh Marshall's post; why invent cover-up theories to discredit people when their own well-documented activities make them look bad enough?), and also skewers RepubliCon.
  • Echidne of the Snakes examines the jawbones of some asses, applauds the security infiltrations of Code Pink (although I dunno, isn't Medea Benjamin like the only person to get thrown out of both conventions this year? at what point does protest theater become self-marginalizing?), and notes that now that Repubs have memorized 1984 they've moved on to using The Handmaid's Tale as their next guidebook.
  • Over at Corrente, Leah A reports on Senator Clinton's remarks about her husband's current hospitalization. I loved the health insurance zinger.
  • Andante at Collective Sigh has fun counting bumper stickers, wishes Floridians well with Frances (as do I), and reminds us of goings-on back in Iraq.
  • And blogAmY is creeped out over Sheri Dew and gets her news from sources outside the US (can't you be arrested for that sort of thing?).
  • Zoicks, is that the time? Gotta get to the supermarket while they still deliver so I don't have to schlep boxes of juice up two flights...