Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

On the Air America

As my commute has changed from public to private transit, so have my media habits. I can use the time I save by driving to and from work to read magazines and newspapers when I'm home, but in the car it's Air America all the way. I've gotten the hang of turning the sound way down during the ubiquitous ads, if I don't feel like making fun of them outright ("should you be culturally punished for having a back yard?" Yes, absolutely! You're rich or lucky enough to live in a house in the suburbs with a back yard, stop whining that you can't see independent films at the local downtown googleplex, that's what cable/satellite TV and IFC are for!). Randi Rhodes has become my personal goddess. I know when I get to the "Presidential Palm Pilot" segment on Morning Sedition, I should be just about turning onto the street where my office is. When I'm listening to Unfiltered or Franken at work, I have to remember to keep my printer off to reduce the radio buzzing (my RealPlayer doesn't work correctly here). It's become a comforting routine, and it's high time I added some Air America blogs to the sidebar. Now if only Eric could do something about getting Franken's blog a proper RSS feed... Update: Also added to the sidebar is Liz's new Chicken Little Scorecard, underneath the Terror Alert level (which I believe is currently Ernie in NYC and Bert elsewhere).