Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

No Power, and Silly Site o' the Day

I'm back-dating this post from the office because, as of the time-stamp on the post, our power is gone. A tremendous wind gust blew through our area of Bronkers around 5 PM, Robin heard a crash and other noises, and upon later investigation (and after a brutal homeward commute on an SRO bus because Metro North wasn't operating due to downed trees) we discovered most of the houses on the main road for about a block or two are also without power, there was a live wire down in the middle of the street by a smartly-abandoned car (the driver had gotten out so quickly the car was still running, with hazard lights and its windshield wipes still on), and about a half a block further down at the intersection a tree had pretty much shattered. Lots of emergency vehicles on scene, presumably throughout the night. As of the actual writing of this post power has not yet been restored, but we did see a ConEd truck out by the disintegrated tree this (Wednesday) morning. I have ordered a battery-operated fan for same-day delivery, and we've made plans with our downstairs neighbor to move our perishable food a few blocks away to where her beau lives in case the power isn't restored by the time I get home. So looks like it'll be pasta, tuna, takeout, and room-temp water for the foreseeable. I still don't get why power lines aren't underground in our part of NYC, but hey, even cable companies put their stuff on poles. It's almost as silly as these other design fails.