Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Silly Site o' the Day

So today has been about taking the bad with the good, and finding some sort of happy medium. Just as baseball is reeling over the needless speed-related death of a promising and well-loved 24-year-old player, muting the Mets' celebration of their truly historic 17-0 blowout of the Phillies, so our forward momentum in the pre-guest pre-kitty Purge of Aught-Sixteen (we bought a fifth tray table plus a new foldout table, cleared the coat closet, assembled our new laundry hamper, and lots of things went on the throw-out pile) was made a lot less joyful by the news that Mom is in the hospital after having taken a minor tumble. No broken bones, a few bruises, more of a scare than anything else, but as she's had a lot of other aches and pains of late they're keeping her overnight for tests and observations and other fun things hospitals do. I'm hoping at this point it's a matter of adjusting her meds, but I'm now planning on taking my last vacation day of Fiscal Year 2016 on Wednesday and preparing to make the 4-hour trek down to South Jersey and back. Although I feel a lot better after having spoken with her, I'm so emotionally drained all I can think to do is sleep, and hope to regain my equilibrium in time for work tomorrow. At the moment I feel like my life is just sort of blank windows waiting to be moved around (via BoingBoing).