Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Monday, June 06, 2016

Silly Season Site o' the Day

Only three and a half days at work this week, as I'll be taking vacation time on Thursday afternoon, Friday and next Monday. Thank goodness I don't have to visit our office pantry during my time off, they always have CNN on the TV monitor there, and due to this election season that station (and presumably others, I tend not to watch TV news because of reasons) every other sentence out of the talking heads' mouths is, to paraphrase Vice President Biden, "a noun, a verb, and Donald Trump." I'm really, really tired of it all, our country's primary season (and election season in general) is too ridiculously long. But hey, the mentions of Trump and the length itself all serve the god Mammon, and since the advent of free market journalism (one of the three main events, to my mind, that triggered the backwards movement of this country, the two others being the election of Reagan and the assassination of John Lennon) it's unlikely to change any time soon. In the meantime we can at least rejoice in history being made once more, and in the Democrats all coming together against He Who Cannot Be Named Enough on Cable "News." In fact, Susie found this wonderful video that celebrates just that sentiment, sort of.