Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Silly Site o' the Day

Still scaling back my plans as the illness drags on - it's mostly a sort of walking somnambulance, fuzziness in my head and a lingering cough at this point - but all the washing up is finally done and much trash has been taken round the side of the house, to join all our neighbors' trash which the landlord has yet to pick up. So in a way I suppose it's good that I have yet to clean out the closets and the kitchen, as there's no more place to put the detritus. Still, a job well done and I could kick back and have a drink, if I were a drinking woman. And if I were, I wonder if I would drink whiskey? Nick Offerman would:

Via Laughing Squid, and Offerman's "American Ham" special is now on Netflix for anyone interested in some fine comedy and not easily put off by blue words and lots of sex talk (although you need YouTube for some of the missing songs like this one). But I digress. I also finished skim-reading about a year's worth of my local paper and cleared my DVR of all episodes of Once Upon a Time, so in honor of being caught up, some more whiskey, and Robert Carlyle!

Via Brand Flakes for Breakfast. He never stops walking, and he never seems to tire. Maybe he's wearing that new Johnnie Walker "smart fabric" (via Laughing Squid). That tweedy news is also courtesy of Laughing Squid. Bottoms up!