Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Silly Site o' the Day

While we spent the day hiding from the biting winds, praying the driveway that we have instead of a sidewalk is ice-free enough to walk through to the street tomorrow, and generally not feeling well, our thoughts today are mostly with our friend Peter David, who has suffered a stroke whilst on vacation. Peter is the comics professional I've probably known for the longest time; I think Steve and I first met him when he was just out of sales and starting to write for Marvel, that had to be around 30 years ago. Peter's also been the writer on more of the comics on which Robin's worked than anyone else; I'd say he's been in part responsible for about half of Rob's career. Through Peter we know other wonderful folks like Keith and Bob and Glenn. Overall he's been a good friend, we've been delighted to share in celebrations with him like his daughter Ariel's bat mitzvah and, of course, lots of conventions, and we're proud to consider ourselves part of his posse. Also, Peter has always been the writer I felt I was the most like, if I had the courage and stamina to pursue a professional freelance career (which I don't), so I feel a great affinity there.  And he's a brash Long Island Jew, comics' equivalent of Billy Joel; what's not to love?

I know all of this isn't usually the lead-in to a Silly Site, but Peter appreciates silliness, and this bit features one of his closest friends:

Via io9. Get better real soon, Peter, we love you!