Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Silly Site o' the Day

Visited Mom for the first time this year, as she's back "home" in NJ for the summer, and had a wonderful time. Didn't stay long enough to see the strange latter part of the Yankees-Red Sox game (our motto: "Not The Final Score"), and our attempts to investigate the wattage of Mom's microwave to help us in cooking lunch were in vain because, hey, land of dial-up and our smartphones just weren't working. Now that we're back home with our wifi and fast connection, it took me five minutes to find the answers. For the record, Mom, look in page 20 of your manual, figure it's 800 watts, and here's a handy conversion chart to help you translate cooking times from "normal" 1100-watt microwaves to yours. You're welcome! Also for Mom, via BoingBoing, why it's important to know how to spell "cologne" correctly.