Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Silly Site o' the Day

Sometime last century, before smartphones, before Web 2.0 in fact, Robin and I were on Usenet's comic book groups, and one day the discussion turned to The Empire Strikes Back. During a discussion that arose from my review of X-Men #77, Robin wrote about being deeply disappointed by that movie, whereupon I emailed him jokingly, "Marry me," as I felt exactly the same way and he was one of the only others who shared my opinion that, in essence, Empire is not a movie, it's a chapter. All the people, and they are legion, once more praising the movie to the skies upon the death of its director, Irvin Kershner - well, I must say I just don't get it. The least a director owes his audience is a resolution, in my opinion. Regardless, it's nice to look back at that "Marry me" on our anniversary, and for all you people who liked the movie here's I, Lobot (via BoingBoing).


upyernoz said...

the lack of resolution was the film's strength. as was the fact that in "empire" the good guys are basically losing. both are twists on what we usually expect from the genre. which is what makes it so great, IMHO.

also there is a resolution in empire. at the end: a series of retreats they finally reach the rebel fleet.

and finally disappointment doesn't come from having a lot of dangling plot threads left over for the next sequel. disappointment is what you get when everything gets wrapped up in a nice bow and you feel yourself wondering "is that it?" you know, like what i felt when i saw "return of the jedi"