Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Feasting with Family

Just got back from my cousin Mara's house, where we had a lovely Thanksgiving family-style feast! All the photos can be viewed in my MobileMe gallery, but here are a few of my favorites:

The buffet-style self-service table kept getting more and more food piled onto it (you can see the progression in my gallery). Four meat dishes, dozens of vegetables, so much they had to remove the bread to the dining table!

Here's what my first plate looked like. We almost all went back for seconds. :)

What a lovely hearth! Such wonderful autumnal touches throughout the entire house.

Time for dessert!

My dessert plate. I even had a little sherry!

Naturally, there's always room for frothy orangey (and very yummy!) gelatin.

I forget what this group was called, maybe the Cranberry and Orange Brigade or something like it, but at any rate we all got the memo. I think Robin's wearing green next year, but I love my autumnal kitty shirt so I'll probably don it again.

The patriarchal lineage photo - my uncle Phil (Mom's brother), sitting, with his two sons, my cousins Marvin (right) and Marc (left), and Marvin's sons Jonny (my godson) and Daniel. There's another photo in my gallery where they're all smiling but it has a lot of redeye.

Lastly, two-thirds of a Sibling Picture, with Phil and my mom's sister, my Aunt Kenie.

Thanks to my cousins Mara and Jeff for inviting us to this wonderful meal - I have the neatest family!