Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Friday, January 01, 2010

Silly Site o' the Day

White Rabbits, and Happy New Year! I started the year off the way I like to, by Doing Stuff around the house. This morning I got the trash and recyclables ready to take out while channel-flipping, and discovered that Cablevision and Scripps are playing silly buggers with each other (with, naturally, no advance notice to viewers from either end) so I won't get to watch any new episodes of Iron Chef until they're done with this nonsense. And waiting in vain for years for Cablevision Bronx to add BBC America (which we still don't have) has taught me there are no good guys in this scenario, so it's probably just a matter of waiting it out to see which greedy de facto monopoly blinks first. My luck, if they ever add BBCA they'll debut it only in high definition, completely ignoring the millions of households like ours which can't afford HDTVs and don't want or care about more HD channels. We live in hope that Verizion FIOS will get to our neighborhood someday, ushering in actual free-market competition.

But I digress. What else have I done today? Gotten through a number of comics; arranged deferred bills to pay (and found I'd lost most of my unpaid hospital bill from my outpatient procedure in late October, but I can recreate it from the bits I'd filed) in preparation for switching to a new check register for 2010; remembered to take my blood sugar and pressure readings, at which I've become more and more remiss (not to worry, they were both well within normal parameters despite all the sugary holiday candy I've been scarfing down); started ice tea and dinner prep; and even spent some quality time with my spousal unit and the local felines. A pretty good day so far! Let's keep the good mood going, with a nifty website that Melissa McEwan pointed out recently called Derailing for Dummies. It even contains a version of my favorite troll blather, "I was just testing you or playing a joke on you." Brilliant.