Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Christmas Feast

Ever since Robin mentioned that his Christmas dinners back in England were more or less equivalent to Thanksgiving here, I've wanted to do a sort of "second Thanksgiving" to celebrate the occasion. This year I think I've finally succeeded. In addition to all the goodies on our fold-out table in the living room, we made ourselves a nice little repast which will not only make for a terrific fry-up on Boxing Day (traditionally the day for bubble and squeak, at least in this household), particularly since I'll be home tomorrow as it's a Saturday. So, here's most of the food prepared and arranged on the kitchen hutch:

Back row: curried cauliflower and the turkey breast. Front row: roasted vegetables (parsnips, carrots, mushrooms and onions, which I laid out on the bottom of the pan in which I did the turkey) and brussels sprouts with sliced garlic and walnuts. Far right: brown rice dressing with onions, celery, mushrooms, chestnuts, sage and a bit of oregano. Not pictured: the tomato bisque with cilantro, the gravy, and the plum pudding which was sitting in the living room until about an hour ago.

Robin served and I got to pose for a Happy Christmas photo (munching on a walnut) in my sparkly green velour thingie. Below are the individual plates (mine then Robin's):

In between food prep, eating and the rest, we've watched at least a half dozen versions of A Christmas Carol in chronological order, and I've pretty much given up on it after the '51 Alistair Sim version. Tomorrow I try watching the two in colour featuring George C. Scott (1984) and Patrick Stewart (1999). Oh, and we've already thought up the germ of an idea for our 2010 holiday greeting card. So all in all, quite a nice day. Hope yours was merry and happy as well.


C Simril said...

Mmm, vegies.

Elayne said...

Yeh, we always go heavy on the veg. The brown rice dressing in particular is pretty filling, I'll be heating up bowls of that for the rest of the week.

Carolyn said...

Mmmm, Yummy! I had some pretty good dinners at friend's places. Staying home this year. It was nice not having to worry what to cook for myself for a few nights, and it's been forever since I had Turkey Dinner- didn't have one this past Cdn. Thanksgiving Day.