Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

As the only American in our household, I have long acknowledged that Thanksgiving is primarily my responsibility and my celebration. Still, Robin got the holiday decorations (our greeting card wreath, fiber-optic tabletop-sized tree and my menorah and candles) down from the loft storage/crawl space, set up the fold-out table in the living room and even yanked (no pun intended) the tablecloth down from the larder, whilst I tried to figure out what to pull together for our feast. After a few years of experimentation, I pretty much have the mental picture down of what serving platters and utensils I'll want for whatever I've bought in the last week, as well as the timing of it all. (It also helped tremendously that Rob and I cleaned out and put away the AeroGarden this morning, giving ourselves lots more surface space in the kitchen for the next few months.) Here's this year's result; as ever, click to embiggen:

I didn't light the candles in the corners and middle of the back, they were there mostly for decoration and to hold the cloth steady. Between the candles are the cranberry sauce with mandarin oranges (left side) and a heated-up can of yams/sweet potatoes (right). The yams were, as feared, a spectacular failure. In the foreground are our two bowls of store-bought butternut squash soup. Left to right in the midground are the wild rice and 'shroom dressing (not bad but next year I'm using brown rice instead and adding some chicken stock), gravy, the turkey breast, corn on the cob and caramelized brussels sprouts with garlic.

Here's the view from the other side of the table.

And here's my tasty plate and bowl. No, I lie; the plate and bowl are inedible. But the food on it was tasty for the most part. Happy holidays and good eating, all!