Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Progress Report

Nothing but good news, mostly. My fever broke sometime last night and hasn't returned. I think the blotchiness on my lower left calf is most likely heat rash from having burrowed under two layers of blankets fully clothed for a few hours on end yesterday, and those things take care of themselves within a matter of days. I'm still a bit dizzy but that's probably from not hydrating enough, so I'm upping the water quotient as I can. Most importantly, I've just taken my first shower in 3+ days and, my lord, does it feel good to be clean. I just hope that, what with all the nonsense being bandied about regarding health care, people don't lose sight of what a precious gift our health is, and how important it should be to live in a country where all of us no longer need worry about what will happen to us financially when we take ill. Every time I'm felled by some Dreaded Lurgy or other I thank goodness I'm an informed (if fussy) patient, my Mom's a nurse, and I'm covered for everything from doctor visits to prescriptions to hospitalizations. My word, shouldn't everybody be?