Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Silly Site o' the Day

Wow, today was a real struggle. I finally slept through most of the night, the cats didn't even wake us till around 8 AM, but I got up an hour later just before the phone rang with the first of what felt like nearly a dozen calls throughout the day from my successor at my old job. I even spent about half an hour in the office getting a few personal loose ends tied up. Somehow in between all those calls I also had a phone interview with another potential employer, plus I finally managed to bang out this week's ComicMix column, a love letter of sorts to Marie Javins for being so patient with me all these months that I haven't written about her lovely gift. Another loose end tied up! Alas, that meant job searching and blog reading and even sleep have gone by the wayside, so that's on tomorrow's agenda, along with perhaps leaving the phone off the hook. At this point I'd sell my soul for a business day without a call from my old job. But Robin thinks it's a much better idea to rent it out, via the very cool website Rent Your Soul. How it works is, you upload a picture of yourself holding your Soul (usually a piece of paper that says "My Soul" on it); souls are chosen at random each on Sunday, and if yours is picked, you get a $10 check for yourself and a confirmation of a matching $10 emailed donation to the charity of your choice; the following Sunday, your Soul is given back to you, with a copy kept in the websites Past Souls section, along with a permanent link to your chosen charity. Granted, you only have 52 chances per year to get chosen, but it's still a pretty cool idea, and who knows, maybe they'll expand it to the Jewish and Moslem Sabbath days as well...