Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Liberal Coalition Top Ten
Week of 1/21/07 through 1/27/07

Still trying to shake off the effects of last night, but at least I put the insomnia to good use by getting through my unread Liberal Coalition posts, so it's time for my weekly LC-plus-others blogaround!

• Bora's basking in his well-deserved fame, shaking his head at newbies who purport to know more about blogging than people who've been doing it for years, and exploring the word of the day, quotidian.

• Echidne notes that any movement that defines women as objects (say, cars) doesn't have their best interests as human beings in mind; and joins the chorus Blogging for Choice, as does Trish. I was particularly pleased to see so many male LC members who will never experience pregnancy blogging for choice this year, like Jeff and Mustang Bobby and Norbizness and

• John passes along the exciting news about the possible discovery of the legendary Lupercale.

• Kathy reviews yesterday's anti-war demonstration in Washington, and mocks the reactionary blogosphere's resort to a loyalty pledge to avoid patriotic debate on disastrous foreign policy errors.

• Keith links to the ALA list of the to ten great graphic novels for teens. I can't believe Identity Crisis (aka "we need a rape as a plot contrivance") made the list, but I'm glad Pride of Baghdad and Castle Waiting and American Born Chinese did, as I found them all well worthwhile.

• Natalie gives us a heads-up on some changes occurring to AF&O and her Armchair Activist project.

• Norbizness scores an interview with the Cheney-bot and rejoices in the Superbowl history about to be made.

• Steve B has a wicked cool cat blogging photo.

• Steve G has moved his blog, and continues his variations on the theme of how the '60s anti-war movement failed, as well as how the American media continues to hide ugly war truths from the American people

• Trish sings the praises of Lindt chocolate. I prefer Galaxy but can't always be assured of finding it in this country...

• Lastly, upyernoz takes a look at the latest t-shirt flight flap.

Sorry I haven't had a chance to praise the following non-LC posts until now:

• Bloggers correct the record: Neil Gaiman debunks the supposed press release about the Grand Canyon that appeared in New Scientist (you know, the one that says staff aren't allowed to talk about the canyon's age), and Aidan Brooks talks about the current fad of microwaving kitchen sponges.

• Mary Beth looks at a Hillary For President ad campaign using non-whites as "listening props", and Texas Jaye at Blondsense doesn't much care for Ms. Magazine's suggestion that women give up their privacy in order to secure reproductive privacy rights.

• Gah, what is it with these supposedly liberal causes promoting themselves via sexism? You've doubtless seen some of the blogospheric reaction to PETA's latest nonsense featuring nekkid chicks, and Ann Bartow found a shirt engaged in, as she puts it, raising awareness of breast cancer research by putting a violent message on a headless female torso. Less liberal perhaps, but no less sexist, is this Microsoft ad and this Toyota one. Crikey, no wonder tons of people see nothing wrong with "sexpresso" shops.

• Cheryl Lynn is starting to open her selective sight not only to the racism in comics she's always spotted but to concerns about sexism as well.

• My favorite submission this year to Blog for Choice day was this one by Lisa Fortuner on how a comic book character (one whom I adore as well) changed her mind from being anti-choice to being pro-choice.

• Ken Jennings wonders about the content of the Fleischer Superman's character.

• Nicole Bell at Crooks & Liars takes exception to how a Yahoo News headline chooses to describe our current Speaker of the House.

• A couple gems courtesy of the Comedy Central Insider: A pointer on how to make the Alanis Morrissette song Ironic actually ironic; and Alex Foley asks, What's your Hugh Laurie Age?

• Lance Mannion utterly rejects the premise that national politics is like high school, even fake high schools like we see in movies and TV, and wonders when some boomers will start acting like grown-ups. This is another in a series of terrific essays about Beltway Media Insiders, and it's so good I was compelled to read it aloud to Robin. Lance also supplies a great parable about the reasons why some people don't like the radical reactionaries currently in power, which I fear is not literal enough for them to understand.

• The Rude Pundit is also being way too subtle for these people in his State of the Union analogy. And Steve M. presents the Cliff's Notes version of the State of the Union.

• PZ Myers cautions us to beware of any society that runs on the engine of despair. And Avedon cautions us that not everyone who happens to agree with us on one point is automatically on the side of the angels; didn't we already travel this road with John McCain?

• Say Wayne, did that remedy for the upper respiratory ailment work? It sounds like something I'd like to try.

• Lindsay has once again participated in the Idiotarod, and has loads of photos.

• And hoorah, another episode of The Adventures of Dr. Zero and the Pink Petulance! I live for Shakespeare's Sister Theater.

Ah good, Rob's up again (neither of us had a very restful night), time to make brunch...