Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Estrogen Month - Day 31

Thanks to everyone who's helped make this a very successful month for highlighting women bloggers! And a special things to Tild~ for the images; you have been clicking on them to go to her blog, yes? Had I more energy I would have spoken a bit more about the varied subjects covered by these fine writers, rather than just urging y'all to read their stuff, but so it goes.

I've now reorganized my public Bloglines bookmarks so that the Gals in Waiting sections (renamed "Where the Women Bloggers Are") have become the permanent response to the oft-asked question I've reproed on the sidebar. I've kept the three sections for ease of management, which break down as (1) those bloggers who received two votes from Pen-Elayne readers and therefore the ones I'm likeliest to start adding to my regular reading as soon as I have more leisure time, (2) those I'll certainly be paying attention to as often as time allots, and (3) those whose work I'm still looking forward to discovering more fully in the future.

Meantime, I'm pleased to welcome the following women to my sidebar/regular reading list:

Karen Zipdrive (Pulp Friction)

Riggsveda (It's My Country, Too)

Sheelzebub (Pinko Feminist Hellcat)

And I'll wrap up Estrogen/Women in Blogging Month with some cool gender-based Guardian stories passed along via an e-mail from Glovefox, from whom I quote below:

The ex-CIA spy who dismantled a bomb while 5 months pregnant

Women taking a successful plunge into male-dominated professions

You'd think that after decades (even a century) of wrangling for our right to have it all, our generation of women would be the one that fully takes advantage of the hard-won right. Not so.

Equality hasn't reached the prison kitchen

Musing on UK laws for moms and moms-to-bes

Women still lagging in numbers in the SME businesses despite doing much better than men when they do start them

Lastly, Glovefox recommends this link "for the full selection of gender issue reports and other stuff." Hope you'll continue to check in with it, and with the hundreds of wonderful women bloggers out there, throughout the year!