Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Estrogen Month - Day 20

It's Sunday, and here at Estrogen/Women in Blogging Month that means it's the day I add new blogs to my sidebar/regular reading routine, based on votes submitted by readers in the comments sections. Today I'm pleased to welcome four new-to-me women bloggers:

Ereshkigal (Exiled from the Underworld) - Ereshkigal received four votes, and it's easy to see why. Exiled is a nice mix of the political and personal, with a very friendly outreach and community-building tone and a pleasing layout. I adored her Lovesong of J. David Brooks, a unique way of looking at something about which many others had already written (which I've found to be one of the hallmarks of many gal-written blogs).

Kathy Flake (What Do I Know?) - Kathy, who got three votes, bills herself as "An American abroad [who] tries to sort things out." Also a good mix of chatter and opinion stuff, as well as both American and British politics, which I appreciate living in a binational household.

Lindsay Beyerstein (Majikthise) - Lindsay, also with three votes, was the first challenger in the revived Iron Blog, taking on Iron Blogger Culture in "Battle Objective Journalism" and, in my opinion, doing extremely well for herself. Majikthise also mixes different subjects seamlessly, from culture to politics to Google etymology.

Ms K (au lait) - Ms K, who received three nods as well, is one of a slew of Kenyan bloggers recently making themselves heard in the overall blogosphere. Although she currently resides in Nairobi she's also blogged extensively about her life in Ghana. Chatty and breezy with lots of lovely photos, au lait is a terrific window into a world many of us are just discovering.

Welcome to my blogroll, ladies! Readers, consider adding these women to your blogrolls as well.

Thank you again to the growing number of folks mentioning Estrogen Month. I suspect it's because the squeaky wheel gets the grease and, while I've never been shy about speaking up, lately I haven't felt enough physical and mental strength for a lot of self-promotion. So I'm glad I whinged a bit yesterday because, as I said, I do think the subject of women's visibility in the liberal-left blogosphere goes way beyond just this one blog or even this one month. As Jennifer Rutherford puts it, "Hey, as far as I'm concerned, EVERY month is Estrogen Month around here." Other women in the Gals in Waiting sections weighing in on the question include:

Kathy Flake (now on my sidebar) - Y Chromosomes Behaving Badly

Jane (Prairie Angel) - Women, Blogging and Torture

Linnet (Looking at the Stars) - Entertaining tidbits

Professor B (Bitch. Ph.D.) - Mo-ther-fuck

Natalie Bennett (Philobiblon) - Friday femme fatales - a good place to go to find new names

Vanessa Gatsch (Plucky Punk's Happy Land) - This topic is officially a big stupid boring snore.

Chris Nolan (Politics from Left to Right) - Gender Bender and He's Baaaaaaack

Diane (DED Space) - One woman bloggers speaks

Laura McKenna (11D) - Zzzzzzz.

Pseudo-Adrienne's Liberal-Feminist Bias - My Sister Women-Bloggers Unite!.....

Anne (Fortuna) - Slack?

Cleis (Sappho's Breathing) - On blogging, visibility, and status and Women: Ya can't live with 'em, ya can't find 'em when ya need 'em

Genia Stevens (Sisters Talk) - Women Bloggers Don't Interest Me (good comment section going there, including a link to blogs by black women)

Jenniebie - More on the Woman Question

Jill Walker (misbehaving.net) - (Some) Women I Read (also lots of new-to-me names there)

PG (Half the Sins of Mankind) - Quick Fix (more new names, yay!)

Julie Leung (Seedlings & Sprouts) - Continuing the conversations

Rebecca Blood (what's in rebecca's pocket?) - (no title)

Sarah (Pourquois Pas?) - Circle Jerk

Theresa Zolner (Heart of Canada) - Femme Fatale and A Different Drum

Also, fellow Liberal Coalition members Echidne and Natalie Davis report on the Women and Media conference, and Tim Dunlop has a very interesting post about how, in his opinion, "Reform of Islam is going to come from the inside and it is going to be led by women."

There you go, lots of good Sunday reading for ya. The "what's Estrogen Month all about, Alfie?" post is here, and please continue to use our comments sections to vote for and give shout-outs to the women on my Gals in Waiting lists!