Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Monday, March 14, 2005

Estrogen Month - Day 14

Welcome, any new readers, to Estrogen/Women in Blogging Month! Tild~, I hope you don't mind that I swiped this picture from your blog but it's neato. Here's what we've been doing at Pen-Elayne to subvert the dominant link hierarchy this month:

* First, I humbly request you check out the blogs on my left-hand sidebar. Women-run blogs appear in at least five sections: in the Liberal Coalition, under News+Views (three sections there: Da Gals, Dynamic Duos, and Da Groups), and the first section under Kultcha. These are all great blogs, well worth your time to check out and perhaps add to your blogroll if you're so inclined (particularly if you're a big-name guy blogger who's ever posted wondering where all the liberal-left women bloggers are). All blogs in each section are listed in alphabetical order by the blogger's first name or handle.

* Next, check out my Bloglines bookmarks under the three "Gals in Waiting" sections at the top. I've split "Gals in Waiting" as follows: those blogs I'm likeliest to add before the month is out because they've received more than one of your votes in support; those of which you've made me aware via one vote; and those that I've found via looking around at some of your blogs but for which nobody's cast a vote yet. The last section is humongous and growing all the time as I add new finds. In each of the Gals in Waitings sections the blogs are listed in alphabetical order by the blogger's first name or handle. If you don't see a woman-run blog on my sidebar, chances are very good it's in one of these sections.

* Please cast a vote in the comments section below for any of the blogs you've seen in the bookmarks to "move up" to my sidebar. If you have a blog and are voting for someone, they really ought to be on your blogroll, yes? And please be aware that I read all blogs via Bloglines because there's just no time for me to do otherwise, so the blogs for which you vote should have a working RSS feed and be in English (blogs with translations often have them at the bottom and have a limited RSS feed). While you should not vote for any blog that I already have on my sidebar, please feel free to give those blogs a shout-out if you wish so that others reading your comments can take note of them.

* When you vote for a blog, please tell us all why you like that blog. People reading your comments are much likelier to take to a blog if you tell us a bit about it and what attracts you to it. And that's the long-term goal here - to get more publicity for these women and to get them not only on my blogroll but on others' as well.

* If you're a guy blogger, especially one higher-up in the blogosphere, consider taking the Pen-Elayne Pledge (and posting about it on your blog) to add at least one new female blogger to your sidebar and regular reading routine every week in March to celebrate Women's History Month.

Let the voting continue!

Today's women in blogging post focuses on Trish Wilson, who celebrates her 45th birthday today by - well, see for yourself! Happy birthday, Trish!