Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Shelving Finished!

The two standalone bookcases in our library (aka the small third bedroom) are now filled with indie (non-Marvel and non-DC) comics. Here's the one between the room's entrance door (ajar) and the closet:

In the foreground is a side view of that first standalone, with a front view of the other standalone between the closet door and the window. After filing we were left with a shelf and a half on the bottom, and as the case leans forward a bit Robin put a few large hardcovers on the bottom to try and steady it (and the EC collections on top are pushed all the way in the back). Nice to have some room left over, though!

As I said below, the final step in this process (which has taken us over half a year, in my estimation, between sorting and filing and shelving) is putting all the now-empty longboxes and lids up in the loft. I laid out all the old-style longboxes in the living room, out of the way of the travelling sunbeam, which Datsa usually follows during the late morning/early afternoon. Naturally, he confounded expectations again by choosing to briefly settle on the boxes themselves (with Amy looking on from behind the lids)...

It's been a pretty productive "5-day vacation/weekend" so far, which pleases me as I take great personal satisfaction in "having done." Next up, paying and posting my credit card bill, which I had to call to follow up on last week as it had never arrived, and depositing my check to Robin for half our February rent. We'll need to drive to the bank and post office, which are only a couple blocks away, because the ice in our U-shaped driveway hasn't melted (nor has anyone bothered to salt or sand it) and I'm nervous about walking on it (even though Robin helped me across it when we went to take public transit to and from The City yesterday). Then, maybe an actual afternoon nap...