Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Crying Wolf
While some bloggers are breathless about the NY Times Magazine acknowledging our existence - and by "our" I mean "the male bloggers in The Tank, oh and Wonkette, whom we need to physically describe and drool over because she's a girl" (oh no, wait, there on page 6, there are actually two other women bloggers mentioned in a single sentence!) - and revving readers up about how a few people at the top of the food chain are able to make a living from blogging, thus creating the dual false impressions that money is the main reason to blog and anyone can profit from something that's essentially a hobby and isn't supposed to be about making money or begging your readers for same, others keep their eyes focused outward, doing what blogs do best - pointing out items of interest around our world and in our media, including the foibles of some mainstream opinion columnists. For instance, Jim Capozzola has a very interesting analysis of a Naomi Wolf column on some of the women involved in the 2004 Presidential campaign, which helped me enormously in sorting out my Naomis. Wolf = the idiot one, and Klein = the actual insightful one (that last link via Natasha at Pacific Views).