Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Silly Site o' the Day

Religion in the news! Rivka looks into what constitutes a cult, and there's a great examination by Josh Marshall on Bush's plea to the Vatican Secretary of State that "Not all the American bishops are with me" regarding his fundie-fanatic beliefs and the Vatican should thereby feel free to "nudge the American bishops toward greater 'activism'" (read "right-wing fundie-fanatic politics" rather than, you know, religious beliefs). Jesse Taylor at Pandagon found two articles of interest: one about Cardinal Avery Dulles, who actually believes that "zero tolerance" towards sex abuse by priests is too "extreme" a response; and more fundie-fanatics whining (this time the SBC) because they feel the Baptist World Alliance is "too theologically liberal, and that it has taken on an anti-American tone." I really despise the way these fanatics always seem to equate "liberal" with "anti-American" - seems to me civilized religions are better off without these creeps anyway. On the other hand, via Glenn Hauman, perhaps some priests are just in the wrong line of work. I think this guy is what the folks on Yes, Minister would call a "modernist." So it seems only appropriate that today's Silly Site link y'all to the faboo Landover Baptist Church and affiliated ministries.