Elayne Riggs' Journal (for Leah)

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

My Favorite Mentor

January is National Mentoring Month, so I thought I'd pass along an ad from the Harvard Mentoring Project, because it features one of my favorite people, Lone Ranger artist Tom Gill. Mr. Gill is one of the warmest and most knowledgeable men it's ever been my pleasure to meet; hey Steve, you still have that Lone Ranger he did for your 40th birthday? Anyway, it's great to see the man get his due. Robin's fondest memory of Mr. Gill - at a convention in White Plains a few years ago, he pointed out one of his "ex-students" across the room that he was going to greet a bit later, a "young fellow" named Joe Sinnott. Mr. Gill, a spry 90 years young, will be a special guest at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

Incidentally, the second picture down on that White Plains con page is of Dave Cockrum, who Clifford Meth tells me is doing a little better but is still hospitalized - here's information on a tribute book that Cliff's putting together for the Cockrums. Cliff writes, "If you have access to other creators, please invite them to contact me. The current list of contributors (which keeps growing) [includes] Neal Adams, Murphy Anderson, Sergio Aragones, Dick Ayers, Mark Bagley, Charles Barnett, David Boswell, Chris Claremont, Gene Colan, Peter David, Diane Duane, Harlan Ellison, Mark Evanier, Neil Gaiman, Ron Garney, Tony Isabella, Bill Messner-Loebs, Steve Lieber, Stan Lee, Mike Pascale, John Romita, Marie Severin, Dave Sim, Walt Simonson, Mark Texeira, Roy Thomas, Lee Weeks, Len Wein, and Marv Wolfman. A benefit auction is also being planned." Cliff also asked if I could publicize god's 15 minutes, which features some amazing contributors as well as some writing from my best friend from college, Bill-Dale Marcinko; see my previous post about Billy here.